There is no longer any major production of seafood in Scandinavia, not with Coldwater United Seafood either. Instead we put a great effort in finding the best and most safe alternatives for our production. Our choice is Morocco - a country with a long tradition in this trade. Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium has for decades chosen Morocco for the process of peeling shrimps from their own coastal waters.

This has led to solid traditions, experience and great expertize in this area. Coldwater's Moroccan factory is also chosen as because of it's proximity to a mountain lake. The clean, fresh water from the mountains is used both during production but also as part of the product.



Coldwater United Seafood follows EU and US standards. High demands are made on both the raw product as well as the finished product. Controls and bacteriological tests are performed in Canada as well as in International laboratories. Controls are performed five times a day on site in Morocco.

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